We are continually being advised by local and national police about how to safeguard ourselves and our properties from home invasions and burglaries. It’s a sad fact of modern life that such crimes have become commonplace even outside of cities and towns.

Statistics show that around two in every 100 households are burgled each year in the UK, and the figure is much higher when it comes to theft and criminal activity directed at business premises and commercial operations.

Not only do these distressing incidents usually leave victims suffering from the loss of personal property that has both financial and/or sentimental value, but when a home or workplace is targeted by thieves there is also the risk of physical violence resulting as well.

Here at TR Fire & Security Consultants LTD we make the safety of your person, property and possessions our passion and priority. We’ve been installing and maintaining top of the range burglar alarms for clients in and around Trowbridge, Wiltshire, for more than a decade. We’re proud to say there is little we don’t know about security systems, both for residential and commercial properties.

There are different types of intruder alarm systems available, and we’ll advise you on which is the best for your situation; the choice depends largely on the level of security you want and need, and how much your budget is.

At the lower end of the scale is a ringer alarm, which makes a great deal of noise if anyone breaks in to your property setting off one of the alarm sensors. The alarm will sound for up to 20 minutes, and will hopefully be enough to scare off the intruder and alert the occupants or neighbours to the fact that an intrusion has taken place. These alarms work well on low risk properties that have near neighbours. They are usually installed to satisfy the requirements of insurance companies, and have great value as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

A top end burglar alarm is, of course, the most re-assuring and vital if your property contains valuable assets or equipment or is situated in a remote area. Most commercial properties opt for a high-quality wired alarm system, with a battery back-up, that is connected to a monitoring service 24 hours a day. A monitoring service will receive a signal as soon as the alarm is activated and telephone you to alert you that the alarm has been triggered, request a password, and in some cases send the police or a private response team to investigate.

Modern burglar alarms are easy to operate. It’s very important to remember to set the alarm by punching a code onto the keypad when you leave the property, or before retiring at night. The best alarm in the world is no good unless it has been set.

Our alarm installation engineers are all experienced certified professionals, and we supply and install only approved equipment that meets the requirements of most insurance providers.

If you want to rest easy, knowing that your property is protected, contact us today for a free no-obligation quotation for the fitting of a suitable burglar alarm.

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We offer a variety of systems for domestic and commercial properties. We design systems to make sure your properties are getting the complete package to ensure they are fully secure. The expert team at TR Fire & Security Consultants LTD are qualified at the highest standard to carry out any aspects of work from Installation to servicing. Contact us to arrange a free site survey and quotation.

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