Any and every building is at risk of catching fire, and every year the number of house-fires and fires in commercial properties across the UK increases. Anyone of us could be caught in a potentially fatal fire situation with the most common causes of fires being cooking accidents in kitchens, careless behaviour with inflammables, electrical or wiring malfunctions and issues with heating systems.

Wise home-owners ensure that they have well-maintained and fully functional smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide alarms in place, but if you want yourself and your loved ones to be truly safe you may well decide to install a reliable early fire and smoke detection system, or better yet, a monitored system that will ensure the fire services attend any fire on your property even when you are not at home.

When it comes to commercial properties, businesses by law have to have an appropriate fire detection system. If you own or occupy commercial premises, are an employer or landlord you become the person responsible for fire safety for those premises., which means you are required to provide and maintain a protected fire escape route, fire alarms, emergency lighting and extinguishers.

Unsurprisingly most people are a little confused and even daunted by the regulations and best practices required for fire safety, and where and how to assess fire hazards, potential sources of ignition and other risks.

That’s where professionals like TR Fire & Security Consultants LTD step in. We are qualified to carry out a full fire risk assessment, design and prepare an emergency fire evacuation plan, and supply, install and maintain an appropriate fire alarm system to suit your requirements.

There are several types of fire alarms available for installation in both commercial and domestic premises in the UK, some powered by battery, others by mains, or a combination of both (where a battery is usually a back up for mains power). All the fire alarms we supply and fit for our customers across Wiltshire and Somerset comply with the appropriate British Standards.

Optical alarms go off when they detect a volume of smoke from a slow-burning or smouldering fire. They can be falsely triggered by clouds of steam. Heat alarms, by contrast, are insensitive to smoke but do detect an increase in temperature; they are most commonly used in kitchens. Multi-sensor or combination alarms are very efficient because they work by detecting both smoke and heat.

When planning a fire alarm system for a particular house or building our experts will usually make use of different types of alarms in appropriate areas, and interconnect them to ensure full coverage of all areas.

Usually fire alarms are fitted as centrally as possible in a room, the positioning determined after a survey by our team to ensure there are no obstructions to smoke or heat signals, or dead air that will dull the audibility of the alarm when it sounds.

Statistics show that 67% of major fires occur when buildings are unoccupied, and there is no-one around to hear the piercing warning sound of a triggered alarm. For this reason commercial organisations and busy properties like care homes, schools or hospitals with valuable assets and/or people to protect generally opt to have their fire alarm system connected to a 24-hour monitoring centre, which can quickly summon the fire services if a fire is detected on the premises.

TR Fire & Security Consultants LTD can ensure you have the best fire safety management system in place to suit your risk profile, budget and situation – residential or commercial. Contact us for an expert consultation and free no-obligation quotation.

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